Monday, June 11, 2012

Mass CPS corruption

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  1. Hello Felicita... Nice job! Staying on top of the game and all the B.S. You could have joined our site no problem you could have your own section!!! Anyway I hope you are well I miss talking with you...
    Hello all My name is Courtney I own a site called right now we are planning a large protest and sadly parents/people do not UNITE as we should, DCF is stealing our children and it is NOT ok. They do not like to be in the spot light, but dammit our kids are not for sale. If WE do not step up to them it will continue to get worse. if anyone would like to spread the message kindly do. Here is the link

    God Bless you Felicita, your friends and family and all of the innocent children being hurt by DCF/CPS

    Court- corruptct