Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Color of Law

The Color of Law


  1. The COLOR of LAW I GREEN!!!..if u don't enuf "green" to pay ur lawyer, that is if he/she deserve it, than you're a lost case floating around in "Wonderland", Not that I've ever SEEN one, until...Comin' To Cali,Google ...FB, Twitter, Instgram, EyeEm, all will PHOTOS to tell stories far from fairy tale!

    1. Went to give my "truth" to the deposition about a Slumlord from Africa who thinks its funny to rip off the federal government programs of Sec-8, HEAP, SSI & Social Security! Well, we'll see how funny it is when I "hit his pockets"!!..Royal Gardens Apts, more like "Royal GARBAGE"!!!